Current Projects

EU Fundings

DiTAIDD – FF4EuroHPC – Exp. 1006, Cloud – based HPC platform to to generate a DT of the human airways, paving the way for personalised medicine in customised drug delivery.
Copernicus – FF4EuroHPC – Exp. 1006, Cloud – based HPC platform to support systemic-pulmonary shunting procedures
REPAIR – H2020-EU.1.2.2. – FET Proactive
MeDiTATe – Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme Marie Skłodowska-Curie
4R TENDER – HorizoN 2020 (JRC/IPR/2018/F.3/0035/OC)

National/Regional Fundings

PLACE – Ministero della Salute RF 2021-2024
vobilai4h  – Regione Toscana Bando Bando Assegni di ricerca anno 2021
fastAAA – Italian SuperComputing Resource Allocation – CINECA, ISCRA C
MYBREATHINGHEART – Regione Toscana Bando COVID19
iMec – Ministero della Salute RF 2020-2023
PRECISE – Regione Toscana Bando Salute RF 2020-2023
PENSAMI – Regione Toscana Bando Salute RF 2020-2023
3D VIRTUAL BABY HEART – Ministero della Salute RF 2019-2021

Private Corporate/Foundation


Past Projects


Virtual and Augmented Reality Support for Transcatheter Valve Implantation by using Cardiovascular MRI

The VIVIR project (2017-2019) is founded by the Italian Ministry of health (Ministero della Salute, PE-2013-02357974 grant). 

Partners: BiocardioLab, Fondazione Toscana “G Monasterio”, Massa, Italy; Institute of Cardiovascular Science, UCL (University College London), London, UK; EndoCAS Center, Università di Pisa, Pisa, Italy.

Summary:  Minimally invasive interventions based on transcatheter techniques have dramatically changed the treatment of cardiac valve dysfunction avoiding open-heart surgery.  Bioengineering tools can be applied in this context to support a wider use of this technique and safely spread the related advantages. Realistic patient-specific models will be created as a suitable option to accurately test possible interventions. Cardiac magnetic resonance (MR) imaging will be integrated with computer analyses and navigation systems to plan and execute such interventions on a patient-specific basis. This project involves clinical centres and bioengineering laboratories which will work in synergy to support a translation of patient-specific modelling towards clinical benefits.


“Realizzazione di una valvola aortica polimerica di nuova concezione ed impiantabile tramite piattaforma robotica con tecniche di chirurgia mininvasiva”

The Valvetech project (2016-2018) is founded by the Tuscany Region.

Partners: BiocardioLab, Fondazione Toscana “G Monasterio”, Massa, Italy; adult cardiosurgery units of FTGM, the Laboratory for Biomaterials & Graft Technology of IFC-CNR Institute (PI), the Biorobotic Institute of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa, Italyand the Endocas center of the University of Pisa.