Teaching / Theses

The Bioengineering Unit staff teaches in the Biomedical Engineering School of the University of Pisa in the following courses:

MSc Theses

MSc theses in Bioengineering can be developed at BioCardioLab on several topics, as:

  • Numerical simulations in the biomedical field
  • Biomedical image analysis
  • Design, simulation and fabrication of biomedical devices

Thesis @ BCL

Fell free to contact the BioCardioLab staff (Simona CeliVincenzo PositanoLuigi Landini) for further information and visits to the laboratory.

Theses Proposals with Institut für Kontinuumsmechanik Leibniz Universität (Hannover)

In-stent restenosis (ISR) is caused by stent-induced mechanical injury which occurs in arterial walls due to the deformation states beyond tissue elastic limit. In this thesis work, the damage state in the OCT-reconstructed geometry is predicted by means of an elasto-plasto-damage model that simulate failure of tissue constituents and their permanent stretch. In a perspective application, the state of tissue injury represents the driving force for the solution of a diffusion problem that describes the onset of a cascade of biochemical pathways. Therefore, tissue injury can be correlated to an increase of biomarkers associated with lesions. Moreover, these pathways lead to the activation of pathological growth and remodelling in ISR.

Theses Proposals with UCL (London)

Fluid structure interaction of flow in patient geometry of congenital aorta In this analysis we perform fluid-structure interaction (FSI) simulations on patient specific geometries of patient diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrom (HLHS) disease. Patients suffering from this condition present an underdevelopped aorta which needs to be repaired (reconstructed) using additional biocompatible material. The project is based on a computational modelling approach using LS-Dyna software to design the FSI simulation along with other tools to pre- and post-process the geometry and results. Good understanding of basics of fluid flow and structural mechanics is required. Eventual experimental set-up can be built towards the end of the project in order to validate computational results.

Theses Proposals with UNIPI  (Dep. of Aerospace Engineering)

Study of Numerical Simulations of Thoracic Aorta Hemodynamics: Comparison with In Silico Measurements and Stochastic Sensitivity Analysis

Running Theses

      • Andrea Baldini: Simulazione in vitro della stenosi dell’arteria polmonare
      • Leonardo Geronzi: Simulazione numerica di valvola aortica
      • Ilaria Ricci: Simulazione numerica e sperimentale della fluidodinamica dell’aorta da dati patient specific
      • Bernardo Alunno Rossetti: Simulazione dell’impianto di protesi valvolari
      • Maria Teresa Marino: Simulazioni fluidodinamiche del flusso coronarico su risonanza magnetica 7T
      • Roberta Tralongo: Analisi di immagini OCT per lo studio di maculopatie