Large Vessel Hemodynamics

Coronary Hemodynamics

Left Atrial Appendage

Right Atrium Hemodynamics

Radial Basis Functions

In-silico Hemodynamics and Biomechanics Finite Element Analysis

Our research focuses on understanding blood flow through cardiovascular structures and is intended for translational applications.

Integrating different approaches, such as medical imaging, computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis and tissue modeling, we aim to answer both clinical and basic science questions

Blood velocity at systolic peak at different stages of ascending aortic aneurysms formation

Image Analysis and Fusion

Our image analysis activities are carried out to provide advanced tools to obtain non invasive measurements of complex cardiovascular conditions during a surgery planning.

We are developing a workflow based on a multimodal imaging approach to extract functional information and anatomical cardiovascular structure by using platform-free approaches.





3D Left Atrial Appendage (LAA) surface models extracted from 3D ECHO and 3D CT and multimodal imaging fusion